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Remote Bookkeeping – Australia Wide - $19/hr

Yes! It is not a typo! We are about to reveal to you something that many bookkeeping services businesses rather not say, many of us use overseas staff to do your data entry at less than $6/hr.

This obviously requires proper setup and review, and then needs to be checked and lodged by Australian BAS Agents or Accountants, hence the $19 per hour, but what are YOU paying?

Some businesses hesitate at times due to the overseas factor, however the truth is that your bookkeeper may already be using employees in the Phillipines; you may just not know about it. The work quality is exactly the same and you deal only with Australian bookkeepers and accountants.


How does it work?

The MYOB/Quickbooks file is stored at a location that is accessible by both, you and us.


This is ideal if you wish to use your accounting software to create sales invoices, prepare reports, etc. At the same time, we can log on to do the bookkeeping. E.g. Wages, Accounts Payable (we can even upload supplier payments to your online banking), record payments from customers, chase your debts, reconcile your bank/credit card accounts, prepare reports, etc.



Traditional Offsite Services

This service is simple, and works well for smaller businesses or just to be compliant with the ATO, superannuation, tax returns, etc. If you are looking to minimise your accounting costs, and you have everything else under control, it is the cheaper option.


How it works is very simple, we give you a list of what is required, and you send us the information via email, fax, post, or by dropping it off at our office. We then enter this data in MYOB, and prepare your IAS/BAS, group certificates, etc.

Contact us now to see how much you could save!

Comprehensive Remote Services

Remote Access Services works really well with an email setup for ‘accounts’, where we communicate with you, employees, clients and suppliers. It allows us to email statements to your clients, remittance advices to your suppliers, payslips to your employees, reports to you, and you can email us any specific requirements, all from your company’s ‘accounts’ email.


We show you the bookkeeper's resume before they even meet you.

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