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Other Services

The following are examples of services that can be done by a bookkeeper either onsite or offsite. They can be provided alone or grouped with any other services.


Ongoing Check-up

Do you ever wonder why accountants charge so much? It may be due to the fact they need to fix-up several mistakes. We can all prepare a BAS and some group certificates correctly, right? I am afraid the answer is ‘No’.


Many businesses prepare their own IAS, BAS, group certificates, etc. Some of these then decide to outsource the bookkeeping to us, or instruct us to prepare their returns, and we get a chance to look at what has been done…


We show you the bookkeeper's resume before they even meet you.

In most cases, the day to day bookkeeping is done well, however there are always transactions with incorrect GST codes, or that were put to incorrect accounts, or old outstanding bills/invoices simply because the accounts clerk did not have anyone to ask how to deal with it, etc.


It is also very common to have an MYOB file with wrong account balances from years ago, simply because none entered the year-end journals.


Group certificates are very easy to print out, but these need to match everything else you lodge with the ATO. I.e. Tax returns and BAS.


In short, an accounts clerk is great for the day-to-day bookkeeping tasks, however there should be a registered BAS Agent looking over their shoulder.


Superannuation lodgement


Has preparing your employees’ superannuation contributions become a time-consuming task?


Whether you make contributions monthly or quarterly, we have a superannuation contribution facility, so you only make one payment per contribution, regardless of how many employees you have, and how many funds they may have. 


Debt Collection


Are clients not paying on-time? This is usually due to a little ‘slack’ when invoicing, sending a reminder or a statement, and the occasional phone call.


We can design a debt collection system for you, as aggressive or as passive to suit your business.


We can call your clients, send them statements, and even final notices, all according to your instructions. For example, we send reminders on 14 days, statements at the end of the month, we call them one week later, and every week after that, and then send them final notices when they reach 60 days.


Sales Invoice Preparation  


We prepare your sales invoices with your company logo and contact information, and we either send it back to you, directly to your client, or both. We then track payments made, and provide you a listing of who has and hasn’t paid, how many days they took to pay, and most importantly who is falling behind, so you can make sure you chase these.


Bill Payments Preparation  


Are you struggling to keep track of who you owe money to? We can look after your ‘Payables’ for you.


We will enter your supplier invoices in MYOB, and email you a payables report on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, so you can instruct us of who you would like to pay.


Then, we can either write the cheques for you, or email you an ABA file to upload into your internet banking facility.


Reporting Including Budgeting and Analysis


Knowing how your business is performing is a vital need to success in business. As they say, ‘If you don’t know where you’re business is going, don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere’


We can provide you with the following reports:

  • Profit and Loss Statement – This report answers the question as to whether your business is making money or not, and how much.
  • Balance Sheet – This report shows what your business owns vs. what it owes, giving you the net worth of your business.
  • Cashflow Statement – Ok, so you are making money, but the bank account balance is still low? This statement will show where the cash is going to.
  • Budgets – Where are you headed? Do you like where you are headed? Know, so you can prepare, or so you can make sure you are on track.

At SydneyBookkeeper, we will not only prepare these reports, but will also educate you to be able to read these and make sure you can understand and analyse the information reported.


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